Jersey Travel Guide

Jersey is about 14 miles off the coast of France and just 100 miles from the coast of Britain. It is the Channel Islands largest island. Jersey is a self-governing island with a Gallic twist and a little slice of Britain. With an area of about 9 x 5 miles, this island packs in more character, scenery, and history than destinations hundred times its sizes.

At every turn, history looms large from Neolithic architecture to centuries of coastal defenses. Jersey had an epic coastline that is swept clean by some of the planet’s most extreme tides. Twice every day the waters rush out to sea, exposing miles of rock pools and golden beaches which stretch into the horizon. Here are the top must-see attractions in Jersey.

St. Helier

St. Helier is the capital of Jersey and it embodies all the things that make this island special – the picture perfect scenery, the tax free shopping, the incredibly tasty produce, and the history. The footsteps of history echo throughout the streets. From the jackboots of the over 25,000 German Soldier who occupied Jersey in 1940, to the hobnailed boots of the island English soldiers and Militiamen who repelled the French raiders.

Jersey Museum

It can be quite daunting to untangle Jersey’s incredible threads, so ensure you take your time to explore this museum before heading to explore the island.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is located at the New North Quay. Here you can learn about the legends, mariners, vessels, and waves that shaped this island.

Occupation Tapestry Gallery

Right next door the Maritime Museum is this Gallery. The memories of World War II have been woven into an innovative diorama. It was created to celebrate Jersey’s 50th year of liberation. You will also find plenty of places to shop, dine, and relax here between history lessons.

King Street

Walk to King Street if you like your shopping upmarket but if you prefer shopping the old way go to the Central Market. It serves up produce that helped to turn this island to a byword for flavor and quality.

Elizabeth Castle

Sit back and watch the tide roll out once you have explored the town before walking across St. Auburn’s Bay to this castle. Wander through the battlements and smell the gunpowder or ride back to the shore on Charming Betty. Jersey is easy to explore, thanks to its compact nature. Walking trails and country lanes lace the island ensuring this island’s surprise, attractions, and views are never far away.

The Parish of Grouville

The Parish of Grouville is home to one of the ten oldest buildings in the world – La Hougue Bie. Just like all over the island, you will find history in layers here. Many medieval chapels were built in this burial site during the 12th and 16th centuries.

If you are looking for total relaxation, incredible food, adventure, and history, Jersey is an island that weaves it all together into a truly magical thing. It is not quite French, and it is not quite British, it is 100% unique.

Amazing Steps to Research and Plan a Trip

It is overwhelming to research and plan for a trip. Despite all the issues, it is fun to have your trip well planned. Dreaming to go for a vacation requires a lot of plan in order to bring it to a reality.
You have to put up ways on how to book for trips and budget for the trips that involves moving around the world. Many people find it hard to plan for the journey because it is involving.

Plan a Trip

Here are some steps that you will need to go through in order to do research and plan for your trip. These steps include:

  1. Initial Thoughts
    The trip usually starts has a dream. You need to draft down the place you want to go. It can be traversing around Europe or Asia. Involve every people you are planning to hang out with during the trip in order to get more out of the trip.
  2. Brainstorming
    It is the very crucial stage of planning for the trip. You need to collect all ideas pertaining to the trip according to the place of your desire. Brainstorm about it with your folks in order to avoid heading to destinations that are too expensive as compared to your budget. The stage does not involve any sort of judgment.
  3. Collect and Cull
    The stage involves providing a list of destinations where you want to go. Highlight some places that are going to make your trip to be amazing and cancel those that are too expensive for you.
    The stage involves dropping some things or locations that will not suit you and the budget. Pick on either holidays or festive trips that are going to make your trip amazing.
  4. Count days
    You need to write down the number of days that you are going on a trip rather than counting the number of days. Knowing the exact number of days will enable you to have a rough estimate of spending while on the trip.
    You will be able to account for all transport, accommodation and meal expenses. It is the best thing to put into consideration and arrange in advance.
  5. Select the bases
    From the list provided, you will need to choose them and group them again depending on the number of days. Prepare a loose plan and lay them out on the calendar.
    Pick the sites that are ever open since there are some places like museums that are closed on certain days. Therefore, you need to be wise when penning down the days of the trip.
  6. Transport Cost
    Once you have picked the places you want to visit, it is prudent to go around sourcing for information pertaining to transport costs. You should also get to know the set timetables for the train or airplanes before making some bookings.
  7. Budget Preparation
    This is the stage where at least you have information about the exact places you want to visit. Therefore, you will need to prepare a budget about the transports, hotels booking and among other things. You will need to consult travel agencies before fixing the price of your budget.

Top 3 Things to Do in New York

There is absolutely no doubt about it – New York is one of the biggest cities not only in the USA, but in the entire world as well. It is also one of the most popular cities in the world, and there is a good reason why – actually, there is a couple of them. It is filled with museums, stores, restaurants, and galleries, as well as many other things that are similar to these ones. With that being said, there is always something to do in New York. You can call New York many things, but one thing that you just simply can’t call it is ”boring”.

Planning on going to New York with your friends? Planning on going to New York with one of your family members? Or maybe you are planning on going to New York with your spouse? Regardless of which one of these three is your case, one thing is for sure, and that is that you are going to experience something amazing and unforgettable. New York has become a go to travel destination for an Edmonton Chiropractor and his family when looking to get away and unwind. Wondering is there anything interesting to do in New York? Wonder no more, because there absolutely is! I am more than happy to inform you that you visited the right website. Here are top three things that you can do in New York. Enjoy!

Empire State Building
The Empire State building is one of the most popular buildings in New York. I don’t know if I even had to tell you this, but I still did, just in case. If you are one of those people who enjoy places that allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding are, then you should definitely visit the Empire State building.

9/11 Memorial
You probably already know about the 9/11 incident, don’t you? I mean, who doesn’t, right? If you would like to learn more about this incident, then you should definitely check out the 9/11 Memorial, as well as the 9/11 Museum.

The Met
If you are a gallery-lover, then The Met is the place that you should definitely check out. The Met is one of the most popular places in New York. Also, The Met is considered to be one of the most prominent art museums on planet Earth!

Top 5 countries to travel in cheap budget

If you are planning to travel the world, then you must understand that it can be really expensive. When it comes to traveling countries like Australia, United Kingdom or the United States, you need to have a lot of money. This is because, you have to spend money on food, hotels and of course for the sightseeing. All these things can really mess with your budget in no time. Although there are many countries where you need to go with money but, there are some amazing places where you can go with a very small amount of money.

Here, we are going to shed some light on the names and specialties of those countries. If you are planning your vacations, then you must add them in your list. Following are the top countries where you can go on the cheap.


There are many budget options in Eastern Europe and Romania is a great choice. This country is known for its history. Moreover, the people and places of this place are amazing. The best thing about Romania is that you can get hotels in a very cheap price. You can get a reasonable hotel for 30 – 40 dollars per day.


Laos is a beautiful landlocked country in South-East Asia, bordered by Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. Rich in culture and natural beauty, Laos has a lot to offer the budget traveler. You can easily find a room in 10 dollars per day. Just like most of the Asian countries, food is quite cheap. Even one dollar is good for a meal. If you are setting your budget up to 30 dollars, then you are good to go to Laos.


If you want to enjoy culture and food at the same time, then you must choose Cambodia for your trip. Rooms can be found for as little as $2 per night, however a budget of $10 per night is reasonable. Street food in Cambodia is wonderful and costs under $1 per meal, while restaurant meals cost only a couple of dollars as well.


Another Central American bargain is the beautiful little state of Honduras. You can bargain rooms for around $15 per day, while inexpensive meals only cost a few dollars here. It’s quite practical to enjoy your day in Honduras on under $35 per day.


Bolivia is an outstanding budget target in South America. High up in the Andes, Bolivia proposes a lot to see and do. You can get an apartment for under $15 per day, while foodstuff can be as cheap as $2 per supper, reliant on where you eat. A good financial plan for Bolivia is about $35 per day.

Top Places To Visit In Your Lifetime

Most of the people love to travel and while travelling, we have life changing journeys. If you want to go to the places from where you can change your point of view about world. Then, you must read this out. This is because, here we are going to shed some light on these places. These cities and countries will offer you exciting experiences and will make sure that when you get back you will have a lot of memories in addition to the photos and souvenirs.

So, this is a list of those places where you must travel once in your whole life. You can easily stretch your imagination by following this list.


If you want to travel to the most travesty place, then Paris comes first in your list. This city is known as the city of lights. The city offers great gothic architecture and a lot of tiny bookshops for the visitors. The best thing about the city is that it is built on love and romance. You can enjoy the café style of the city. We can easily say that once you visit Paris, you cannot resist this lovely city. This city is something which you must visit once in your lifetime.


If you want a full package of art style as well as unique architecture, then your next spot must be Istanbul. This city has a vast area which covers almost three peninsulas. This city is full of cultural stuff. You can always take something good from their culture. Plus, the diverse culture of this city is always ready to adopt new culture. So, don’t feel shy to leave your influence in this city. The art and design used in this culture is a great attraction for tourists from all over the world.

New York:

This city will make you feel how small the human ingenuity is. The central park in New York is a great place to visit. The huge buildings will consume your mind during your stay in this city.

The best travel guide for York, UK

If you are interested in a one day trip to York, then you have come to the right place. This is because, here we are going to shed some light on the things which you must do when you are travelling to York for one day. By reading this out, you will be able to enjoy important things to offer by this amazing city.

First of all, this city has a great gothic architecture which you will notice everyone. In addition to that, the delightful cobbled roads and highways and medieval antiquity makes it interesting enough to explore. If you are a history lover then you will enjoy its entertaining as well as family oriented museums.

In a one day trip to York, don’t forget to buy the world known chocolate of the city. This city has a lot to explore. This is because, its history goes back to more than two thousand years or more than that. Now, the city is a great hub of railway stations. More than seven million people travel to York so that they can enjoy the wonders of this city.

Must visit places of York, UK:

Now, we are going to shed some light on the places which you should visit in your one day traveling to York.

Must visit places for one day trip to York:

You can start your one day trip to York with the Museum Street. In order to go there, all you need to do is to do a little walk from your station and pick a city map. It will help you in exploring the city easily. If you are a history lover, then you can start from Clifford’s tower. This tower was used as a prison in the 1920’s. You will enjoy the spiral staircases and the view. You can go there in £5.

In addition to that, you can go to the York Dungeons. This is a cast of theatrical actors which will provide you information about the horror happenings in York. This will take approximately seventy five minutes from your precious time. These are real life stories of old people. You can also book it online.

Must explore points of York:

Now, we are going to highlight the must explores of this entertaining city. All you need to do is to take the walking shoes and your map. You can start by the curve of York’s winding. There, you will enjoy the cobbled highways along with the cathedrals.

One of the famous streets of York is The shambles. This is also known as the oldest street of the city. Now, the street is full of cafes, restaurants as well as souvenir stores. You can also take pictures to make this trip memorable.