Jersey Travel Guide

Jersey is about 14 miles off the coast of France and just 100 miles from the coast of Britain. It is the Channel Islands largest island. Jersey is a self-governing island with a Gallic twist and a little slice of Britain. With an area of about 9 x 5 miles, this island packs in more character, scenery, and history than destinations hundred times its sizes.

At every turn, history looms large from Neolithic architecture to centuries of coastal defenses. Jersey had an epic coastline that is swept clean by some of the planet’s most extreme tides. Twice every day the waters rush out to sea, exposing miles of rock pools and golden beaches which stretch into the horizon. Here are the top must-see attractions in Jersey.

St. Helier

St. Helier is the capital of Jersey and it embodies all the things that make this island special – the picture perfect scenery, the tax free shopping, the incredibly tasty produce, and the history. The footsteps of history echo throughout the streets. From the jackboots of the over 25,000 German Soldier who occupied Jersey in 1940, to the hobnailed boots of the island English soldiers and Militiamen who repelled the French raiders.

Jersey Museum

It can be quite daunting to untangle Jersey’s incredible threads, so ensure you take your time to explore this museum before heading to explore the island.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is located at the New North Quay. Here you can learn about the legends, mariners, vessels, and waves that shaped this island.

Occupation Tapestry Gallery

Right next door the Maritime Museum is this Gallery. The memories of World War II have been woven into an innovative diorama. It was created to celebrate Jersey’s 50th year of liberation. You will also find plenty of places to shop, dine, and relax here between history lessons.

King Street

Walk to King Street if you like your shopping upmarket but if you prefer shopping the old way go to the Central Market. It serves up produce that helped to turn this island to a byword for flavor and quality.

Elizabeth Castle

Sit back and watch the tide roll out once you have explored the town before walking across St. Auburn’s Bay to this castle. Wander through the battlements and smell the gunpowder or ride back to the shore on Charming Betty. Jersey is easy to explore, thanks to its compact nature. Walking trails and country lanes lace the island ensuring this island’s surprise, attractions, and views are never far away.

The Parish of Grouville

The Parish of Grouville is home to one of the ten oldest buildings in the world – La Hougue Bie. Just like all over the island, you will find history in layers here. Many medieval chapels were built in this burial site during the 12th and 16th centuries.

If you are looking for total relaxation, incredible food, adventure, and history, Jersey is an island that weaves it all together into a truly magical thing. It is not quite French, and it is not quite British, it is 100% unique.

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